The use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs in the United States is increasing throughout the years. In Florida, the abuse of synthetic drugs and opioids have continued to increase over the years. There was a total of 13,039 people in Florida admitted to primary opioid treatment from 2015 to 2016. In the same period, 24,000 people sought treatment for alcohol abuse in Florida according to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Possible causes of the increase in substance abuse include family problems, marital issues, peer pressure, and the environment to which a person resides. The effect of substance abuse may include poor work performance, disorientation, destructive behavior, and many more. The negative impact of a substance abuse in the workplace can be counterproductive and unsafe for both the substance-dependent employee and others. It is important for businesses to conduct a regular drug and other substance abuse testing to ensure safety and productivity in the workplace.

Drug testing is an important part of regular employee screening. But drug testing creates resistance among employees related to the possible outcome if an employee tested positive for a substance abuse. The resistance can be lessened by explaining the reasons for drug testing and actions the management would take in case an employee tested positive. Common reasons for drug testing include:

  • To discourage employees from abusing alcohol, drugs, and other substances by having routine drug testing.
  • To prevent hiring applicants who use illegal drugs that may impose safety and health hazard in the workplace.
  • To be able to identify employees who have drug and/or alcohol problems and refer them to the proper substance abuse treatment program.
  • To ensure a safe workplace for employees.
  • To protect the welfare of the general public and strengthen consumer confidence that services and products are delivered in a safe and secure environment.
  • To comply with State laws or Federal regulations

The drug testing can be done in different circumstances. Most of the time it is done as part of pre-employment requirements. However, it can also be done during an individual’s employment in the company. Below are some common circumstances when drug testing may be conducted:

  • Pre-Employment – You can conduct drug testing as part of a regular pre-employment screening procedure. Doing drug testing as early as this period can lessen the possibility of hiring a user of illegal drugs. It must be emphasized to an applicant that drug testing should be done only in affiliated health facilities of the company to avoid fake drug results.
  • Reasonable Suspicion – Someone who abuses alcohol, illegal drugs, and other substances will usually have a change in behavior, poor performance, possible tardiness and absenteeism, disorientation, and misconduct. However, a sudden change in a person’s behavior and action would not always mean a substance abuse. But it is important that the company have a clear policy in handling cases of possible substance abuse.
  • Post-Accident – Drug testing after an accident can help determine whether drugs and/or alcohol were a factor.
  • Random – There are employees who are clever to stop the use of an illegal substance a week or two before the routine drug testing which may result in a false negative. This is drug testing by surprise.

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