In 2015, Florida had about 306,000 fraud and other complaints filed with more than 44,000 identity theft complaints.

The prevalence of identity fraud, identity theft, and misrepresentation nationwide post serious security and safety threats. Every year, the number of these cases increases making it more challenging for employers and property owners. Also, the cost of verifying personal information through employment and tenant screening is becoming more expensive. Despite this, a business must look for ways to efficiently screen their applicants. Security and safety are of top importance as they translate to confidence, reputation, and integrity. As a business, how can you handle personal information validation and verification effectively?

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for 2015, the state of Florida was the state with the highest per capita rate of reported fraud and other types of complaints. There were about 306,000 fraud and other complaints filed in the Sunshine State with more than 44,000 identity theft complaints. Two years after, Florida was ranked second in the nation for identity theft with 38,384 reported complaints. Half of the complaints were for government documents or benefits fraud, credit card fraud at 18 percent, and phone or utilities fraud and bank fraud at 8 percent each. Also, according to the FTC, the identity theft rate in South Florida is twice that of the rest of the Sunshine State.

A business or property owner can no longer rely on words of potential employees or tenants. A person with malicious intent can opt to use the fraudulent personal information to gain employment or tenant approval. Some of them may choose not to disclose some personal information which they know can affect their possibility of being approved. A person with malicious intent would always find ways to creatively deceive. It is the responsibility of the business to comprehensively screen their applicants to lessen safety and security threats. Moreover, employer or landlord cannot cut out to access important investigative information about an applicant or potential tenant.

A screening process must be in place in every business. Employment and tenant screening is beneficial to a business. It could help you uncover deceptive information, verify authenticity, gives more information for better decision making, increase reliable workforce, lower tenant evictions, and safety. The screening process may include checking for a criminal report, driving history, drug testing, credit report, verification of previous employment, and verification of personal and professional references. However, the screening process is tedious and costly as it would require additional time and manpower. Hiring another business to do the employment and tenant screening for you might be a good option. But not all businesses were created the same and equal, it is important to check the coverage of their screening services.

We at AlertChecks provide comprehensive, professional, and top-notch Employment and Tenant Screening (ETS) services to verify that the information an applicant has provided you is true and authentic, as well as, uncover any fraudulent information that has not been disclosed. Our screening services include a review of the criminal report, driving history, drug testing, credit report, secure ID (SID), secure arrest protection (SAP), verification of employment, and verification of personal and professional references.