Running background checks is one of the most essential things for employers. When you are hiring new people who are not known to you, it is crucial that you run background checks. Why? Reports say that more than 53% of applicants have at least one wrong information on their resume. But finding this wrong information and verifying them can be a logistical nightmare. That is why more than 95% of employers prefer to conduct official background checks. 

But background checks are an overwhelming and niche process. A lot of employers might find it very hard to understand where to begin. What do you need to conduct background checks? Who can assist you with the checks? Can you do it yourself? What are the essential elements of an employee background check? Do background checks actually benefit employers? Can you get into legal trouble if you conduct checks? How do you do background checks for employees once your small business has decided to hire?

There are some things that are essential for employers running background checks. But many employers do not know about it due to a lack of experience or a misguided approach. In this article, we will figure out the background check essentials for employers. Read on to know all details. 

4 background check essentials for employers 

There are 4 essential things that are a must-have for all employers who want to run a background check. Check out the list below. 

  1. Understanding what type of background check they need

There are different kinds of background checks for prospective employees. Depending on the job role, the background check can differ. There is a common misconception that you will know people’s deep dark secrets with these checks. No, you will only get to know the essential and important facts about a person. Types of background checks you can get,

  • Verifying previous employment and education records to ensure the candidate is truthful. 
  • Verifying credit scores and bank records to see if they took part in any fraud or scams. 
  • Check for criminal records in case you have a high-security job position open.
  • You must also verify their identity to ensure that they are not identity thieves. 
  • You can check and verify references to ensure the candidate is credible. 


2. A credible background check agency

Not all background check companies are credible. There are many employees background check companies in the market. Many of them work without authorization. So, make sure when you choose an agency to run checks for you, they have the license to do the work. If you work with an unauthorized agency it can cause legal and criminal problems for you. In case the agency commits any mistake, the candidate can easily file a legal case against you. So, check all the licenses and certificates of the background check agency. Do this before you start working with them. 

3. The latest background check software

There are many latest background check software options that you can use. But you need to use one which is the latest and offers a comprehensive report. You must get the relevant information you are looking for. Check to see what features your background check software offers. Check with your SaaS provider or you can also ask for a demo to see if it is a good fit for you. Make sure you understand all the features before subscribing to them. 

4. Consent from the candidate

One of the most important things during background checks is formal consent. The candidate must provide written consent for the same. You can not run a background check on someone if they did not consent to it. This is an invasion of privacy and you can be legally charged in such cases. So, ensure your candidate knows about the check and approves of it to stay safe. 

Essential reasons for employers to conduct background checks 

So, why should you conduct background checks? It is not about invading someone’s privacy. It has professional benefits for employers. 


  1. Helps to improve the quality of hires
  2. You can create a good and dependable pool of staff for your office
  3. Ensure that the candidate is genuinely qualified to do the job
  4. Help you provide better customer service when you have a better staff
  5. Commit no crimes unknowingly
  6. Reduce and prevent theft, fraud, and scams
  7. Improves transparency in the office

Now that you know about all the essentials of the ultimate background check, when do you plan to start doing it?