With the growing competition in the job market, providing a top-quality resume is the most important thing in recent times. Although, this leads to creating a tendency to show dishonesty about their past jobs among employees.

Candidates tend to omit information related to their criminal history or poor performance. As candidates think new employers will never be able to find that. But that’s not true. In the USA, an employment background check is a must to hire honest employees and avoid any kind of risk in the future.

So, now the question is —can background check reveals past employers? How do employers do that? And what is its importance? You will get all your answers by reading out this post.

Will a background check reveal past employers?

The simple answer is yes, it will. In some cases, outside investigators perform all these checks. But, many established companies use several reliable sources to verify all the details. So, always remember this thing while creating your resume.

Employment background checks are vital for companies to check whether they are hiring the right person or not. It is helpful for employers to identify the past records of the employee.

Such as any type of criminal record, work performance, attitude, and other relevant information. Companies need to know this to maintain a healthy working environment.

Moreover, anyone working with children and vulnerable adults and those trying to get a job in a regulated industry also needs it.

Who will do this background check & how?

In the USA, companies generally employ background-checking companies. They will go through all the details of the potential employees. These checks are performed on the existing employees periodically and also for the new ones.


Besides searching the data about past employers, they can conduct different types of checking. It includes factors like history, or credit checks that they can perform via email or phone. It basically depends on what kind of information you want to gather for candidates.

The purpose of employment background checks in the USA


You will find different types of background checks in the USA, but all come up with the same purpose. It is to check the employee has a clean record and did not commit any crime or violence in the past that may become a threat to your company or co-workers.

What will prior employers say?

Sometimes it is a major concern for the candidates what their past employers will say about them or if they provide any poor references. You can take proactive measures to ensure your endorsements do not affect that. Active encouragement will compel past employers to provide positive reviews. And it also reduces the chances of getting bad reviews.

And in most cases, you don’t need to do these things. Most employers try to avoid this by providing general information, such as basic job titles and employment dates. It helps them to avoid getting involved in any legal issues.

Is it necessary to list jobs?

The most common mistake is that candidates are not listing their jobs on their resumes. And while checking the employee- background, company always finds out such errors. It may even create serious issues depending on the job type. You may experience it if you were fired quickly or didn’t do well at your last job.

Although you must know job listing is not necessary. Especially in situations— when you seek a different career that does not have any connections to the previous job. Or the jobs you did for a short time or a long ago.

In recent times, employers also use ATS (applicant tracking system) to screen the resume accurately. So, never forget to insert keywords and always use the traditional method while preparing your resume.

What is the importance of employment background checks?

You should know employers always perform an employment background check in order to verify your past job history. The USA requires all job applicants to have them, and most states require them by law. As they don’t want to take any risk after hiring a candidate.

This process in the USA is a bit tedious and time-taking for employers. But this is the best way to hire a candidate who will be reliable and trustworthy for a company.

So, all the applicants should be genuine and need to include accurate data in their resumes. This thing will help them make a good impression in front of employers and get a job quickly.