Background checks mean doing thorough research on employees’ backgrounds using various sources. It includes data different from what they provide to the company. A background check is essential to determine whether the applicants have a clean past record or not.

It includes identifying the factors like criminal records, violations, or performance in their past job. Big companies usually hire third-party companies to do the research. Employers need to hire an honest and reliable candidate to avoid any kind of issues in the future.

So, here in this article, let’s focus on what background checks an employer can perform to hire a reliable and trustworthy employee.

What background checks do most employers use?

You can apply several types of background checks before hiring a candidate for your company. So, let’s take a look at them so that you can maintain a healthy working atmosphere for the other co-workers.

Criminal history check

The criminal history check is the most common type of background check you need to do before selecting any. It can be of two types. One is a county-specific criminal background check. It includes the date and degree of offense, sentencing details, and other relevant information regarding a case.

And the other one is searching the national criminal database. It allows employers to search the criminal history—not only for a particular state where the candidate lives but for other states also.

Background checks for the previous job

Conducting the checking of the previous jobs is also essential. This verification helps to identify the past employment history of the employee. That includes searching the factors like employment date, job description, and termination details.

By this verification, you will be able to find out the potential candidates’ attitudes, salary, and work performance of their past jobs. It is essential to double-check employees’ work history to avoid involving in any type of risk for your company.

Education verification

Academic or education verification confirms the education level of candidates. An education background check is required to hire an applicant for a particular position in your company. It includes checking things such as the date when applicants finished their education. And also the degree they earned and the subjects they studied.

Reference check

A standard procedure of every employer is to obtain references from job applicants. These checks will help the employer determine whether the new applicant will be a good fit for the company or not.

It will benefit the hiring team to cross-check the things the applicant mentioned during the interview. You can make the interview enjoyable by asking a few open-minded questions while checking for references. Make sure you collect as much information as possible from the reference instead of getting the answers in yes/ no.

Drug testing

Drug or alcohol testing is necessary in certain cases. It is a simple and easy test to determine whether the person is drug or alcohol addicted or not. It will reveal employees’ mental state and help you analyze to hire them as trusted workers.

Although you must know this test requires previous planning. And also need to get permission from the employee. Tests for drug use typically include urinalysis and hair and breath alcohol analysis.

Sexual offender registry checking

This check is crucial that is helpful in eliminating hiring a person who has any previous sexual offenses. Especially, when you hire people for a position in a childcare center, higher education institution, or daycare.

You must check the person’s background properly. It will create a good working environment and also reduce the chances of sexual abuse in the workplace. Failure to do these steps can lead to accusations of negligent hiring and lawsuits.

Background checking using social media

Nowadays, it is simple to check candidates’ backgrounds using social media. Although, make sure you do the whole thing in a legitimate way.

A third party must request a social media background check with explicit screening criteria. Although, you should not search the candidate’s name through all channels by the human resources department.

Looking for Employee Background Checks

All employers need to go through the background check for all new employees. These checks are crucial and help to screen the company when they search for hiring potential candidates. Without good employees, it is impossible running the company successfully.

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