Don’t be a Victim of Resume Fraud

Did you know that about 50% of job seekers lie on job applications? If you’re not careful and you hire the wrong candidate, it could be a costly mistake for your company.

With tight competitions –and often times, tough requirements – on career opportunities across all industries, resume fraud or resume padding is quite rampant among job applicants.

What is Resume Fraud

Resume fraud happens when someone embellishes information they provide on their resume or CV. It is usually done in hopes of being considered –or even qualified – for a job opportunity. This type of fraud encompasses everything from something as simple as extending a length of stay in a company to exaggerating responsibilities or listing an education background that was never really attained.

What are the Risks for Your Company

As an employer or a hiring manager, failing to spot resume fraud could put your company at risk. The risk becomes higher for businesses that deal with specialized skills or jobs that require licenses. Not only will these candidates fail in performing their duties but they could also hurt the moral of the rest of your employees. Additionally, it could affect the quality of services you provide to your clients.

What Should You Do to Minimize Risks

The first step to avoid falling victim to resume fraud is to have a proper screening process for all applicants. Ensure that everyone who is part of the hiring team follows the procedure. Next is to conduct background checks. If your resources are limited, consider hiring a trusted third-party service to perform employment screening for your company.

An employment screening includes a criminal background check, drug testing, and verification of information. Criminal reports are important especially for job positions where employees are required to interact with people or handle company assets. Verification of education and professional licenses ensures that you’re hiring a candidate with the required knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks or duties. Verification of previous employment could give you an idea of whether or not a candidate would thrive in your company.

With a reliable employment screening process, you won’t have to worry about resume fraud. You can rest assured that you’re processing applications of job seekers with the skills and experience your company needs.

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