Most applicants will impress you with their polished resume, clever answers to your questions, and good responses from their personal references. However, these matters might not be enough to be used as the basis of who truly fits the job. Some applicants can fake their credentials, and it becomes even more difficult to verify the authenticity of their documents. A credit report of an applicant over the years has been an important part of Florida background check and nationwide employment screening of most companies especially those in the banking and investment industries. The main purpose of a credit check is to gain knowledge of an applicant’s integrity, trustworthiness, and responsibility towards his financial duties.

A credit report may or may not be needed, and it depends on the company policy. This report may be used to:

  • Expand and verify the information you received from an applicant. There is some information that you might need to know more like debt and late payments which might not be obtained reliably from an applicant. Also, some information on a resume may be in-passing and more detail is needed. This report provides an instant background check.
  • Compare and identify conflicting information from an applicant. Some applicants may submit fake information about themselves to impress you. It is a good practice to verify the authenticity and correctness of any information submitted to you.
  • Get insight as to the spending behavior of an applicant that might affect the performance of his responsibilities. An individual applying for positions involving money should be thoroughly reviewed as to how they handle their financial obligations. There is a possibility that an applicant with a bad loan record could be tempted to steal to pay his debts.

The structure of a credit report may vary. However, the content of a credit report usually has the following:

  • Employment Information which you may be used to identify possible job-hopping behavior.
  • Personal Identification which includes a social security number. This can be used to verify the identity of a person if he or she is misrepresenting.
  • Address Information which can be used to identify any potential behavioral problems. Frequent relocation may be attributed to bad rent payment, unruly behavior, or malicious activities. However, this must be verified with the applicant too.
  • Other names used which can be used to verify submitted records.
  • Public record information which may include tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.
  • Credit history which may be used to gain insight as to how an individual handles his financial obligations.

We at AlertChecks provide substantial, reliable, and accurate Credit Report service calibrated to comply with nationwide background check standards. We ensure a thorough and easy to understand credit report which is compliant to Florida background check standards and nationwide employment screening practices.

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