6 Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System

Filling in a vacancy in your company doesn’t have to be a lengthy and costly process. With the right tools, you could easily find candidates and go from recruitment to on-boarding in a short time.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines your hiring process so you could effortlessly sift through all that data and find exactly the candidate you need for the job. If you’re not using an ATS yet, here’s how it can benefit your business.

  1. Find the right candidates in no time – Most systems let you posts on multiple job boards instantly and come with various filters so it’s easier to identify candidates based on your needs and requirements.
  2. Simplify data entry of pre-hire information – An ATS gives you a platform that lets applicants input their pre-hire information into your system easily so you don’t have to go through their resumes and input the data yourself.
  3. Conveniently share applicant information Need to share information with a manager or another member of the recruitment team? You could do so within your ATS!
  4. Easily track applicant progress It’s easy to monitor the progress of applicants if you’re just talking about a handful of candidates. But what happens when you’re dealing with a few dozen? An ATS could easily track every applicant’s progress so you know who to follow up on, send an update to, or thank for their interest in your company.
  5. Provide applicants with top-notch recruitment experience Did you know that 95% of candidates would be willing to apply again in your company if they had a positive candidate experience? Additionally, 97% would be happy to refer others to you. An ATS could help improve your candidate experience from filling out forms to scheduling interviews and sending updates.
  6. Lets you create a top-quality talent database – Every information you get during a recruitment process is important. Don’t let it go to waste by not managing your data properly. An ATS secures your data and makes it easier to find information that you’re looking for through keywords and filters. Who knows, a candidate who may not be fit for a vacancy right now may be the best one for a future position.

An Applicant Tracking System improves your recruitment process. It doesn’t just automate collection of data or lets you manage your time efficiently. It also connects you with qualified candidates and helps you provide a great pre-hire experience, which could help them decide to take your job offer. 

For more information on our Applicant Tracking System, call our toll-free hotline (866) 382-5378 or send an email to info@alertchecks.com.