5 Reasons to Conduct Company Screening

If you’re taking extra effort in screening applicants to ensure only the best works in your business, then why aren’t you giving the same effort in choosing companies to work with?

 Company screening is an important process that many businesses often take for granted. As a manager or entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you are working with legitimate businesses. It’s easy to create fictitious companies these days and if you’re not careful, you might just fall victim to scammers and fake businesses.

 Here are six reasons to conduct company screening.

  1.  Background Information
    A quick Google search won’t do it! Don’t trust what you see online. If you don’t have the resources, you might find it difficult to verify company background details.

    Alert Checks has access to company profiles within and outside the country. We can verify the accuracy of what a company is telling you. This will help you weed out shady businesses. 

  1. Other Business Names
    Has the company operated or is operating under another business name? If so, it could be a warning sign to be careful working with them. You should also look into any fictitious name registrations and incorporation summaries. This would show whether a company is in good standing or not.


  1. License Requirements
    A business operating without the proper licenses is a red flag! Failure to get the mandatory licenses could mean they don’t meet industry standards and state requirements. You might encounter issues with the quality of service they provide.  


  1. Customer Feedback
    What customers are saying about the company gives you an idea of the kind of experience you will have with them. Check trusted institutions like the Better Business Bureau for customer feedback, complaints, and other issues.


  1. Legal Issues
    No one wants to be in the middle of a lawsuit. Make sure you’re not dragging your business into a sticky situation simply because you carelessly decided to work with a business without performing proper company screening.

 Company screening could mean the difference between a smooth-sailing endeavor and a costly oversight. Due diligence is important whether you’re getting a new client or working with a third-party service provider. Avoid unnecessary headaches and work with businesses you can trust. 

Alert Checks offers an unparalleled screening service that includes company background report, company profile, and secretary of state filing. We have access to company profiles across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. You can rest assured that we can provide a 360-degree perspective on companies you’d like to associate your business with. To learn more about our service, call us at (866) 382-5378 or email us at info@alertchecks.com