2019 Employment Screening Trends You Should Know About

As we usher in the New Year, it’s time to look back on your recruitment process, evaluate it, and ensure your employment strategies are in line with your goals.

If you have been following the same recruitment process for several years, chances are it’s outdated. Now’s the best time to revamp it and implement some changes. Take a look at this year’s employment screening trends. 

Background checks for contingent workforce

The gig economy will continue to grow. In fact, research shows that about 43% of businesses are using gig workers or freelancers, allowing them to save at least 20% on labor expenses alone. 

How does a growing contingent workforce affect employment screening? To create a reliable and trustworthy contingent workforce, you need to be able to vet for these individuals, especially if they’re required to interact with your customers or clients.

Although they may not be categorized as employees, these freelancers still represent your business, especially during the period that they’re working for you. In this regard, it’s important to perform a screening process. It may seem like an unnecessary step to take for on-demand workers but it could save you unnecessary headaches in the future. 

Compliance with EEOC and FCRA employment screening guidelines

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an increase in FCRA class-action lawsuits. Many of these cases could have been avoided if companies know what needs to be done when performing a background check. A good example is providing written consent or permission to conduct a background check.

For 2019, complying with FCRA and EEOC screening guidelines will be significantly important.

Make sure you’re up-to-date with new regulations about using criminal history reports. If you don’t have any yet, it’s time to create a background check policy that you should communicate with your recruitment team. Don’t forget to inform and present a written consent form to applicants and third-party service providers if you intend to perform a background check on them.

Rolling background checks for employees

Rolling background checks are becoming commonplace in companies. This helps prevent digital data theft and fraud. An automated rolling background check helps businesses ensure that every information is checked and verified. It gives you a clear picture of your workforce as it grows and evolves with your company.

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