Hiring Alert: 6 Applicant Red Flags to Avoid

So, you think you’ve found the best candidate for your job opening. While they may have passed all your assessment tests don’t be too quick in making a final decision just yet.

Here are six red flags —which are often easy to miss—that you should be aware of.

  1. Inconsistent Information
    It’s understandable for applicants to only highlight their best experiences and skills on their resumes. But resume padding has also become commonplace. It refers to placing false or exaggerated claims to make their resume stand out.

A background check alerts you of any inconsistencies that you should ask your candidate about. Sometimes, it could just be a simple error; other times, it could be intentional. Being able to spot these irregularities shows them that you have a solid screening process.

  1. Unexplained Employment Gaps
    Employment gaps don’t have to be an issue if the applicants were able to explain the reasons behind them. If they can’t –even with enough prodding– then it’s safe to assume they’re trying to hide something in their employment history.
  1. Inappropriate Activities on Social Media
    Remember that your employees represent your company even when they’re off the clock. If a candidate’s actions don’t match your organization’s values and principles, be extra careful when deciding to hire them.

A quick search and assessment of their social accounts would give you an idea of how they are when they’re not in the office.

  1. Poor Feedback from Past Co-Workers
    Keep in mind that the candidate will be part of an already established workforce. You need to make sure they will be able to adapt and work with your team. Referrals are great sources of information about your candidate’s work ethics and performance.

  2. Speaking Negatively About Previous Employers
    Attitude is as important as skills. And gossiping is an attitude that you should absolutely stir away from. Even when their stories were true, the mere fact that they are willingly sharing this type information with you should be a concern. You don’t want past employees to be spreading negative words about you, do you? If they can do it to their previous employers, they’d be able to do it to you too.

Without due diligence, it’s easy to miss discrepancies in a candidate’s resume and professional experience. Don’t take any chances. Work with professionals you can trust and use a screening software you can rely on.

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